Glen Dash stands in front of the Great Pyramid during our 2006 survey

Great Pyramid Base Survey


The Glen Dash Foundation’s 2012 survey of the base of the Great Pyramid in progress

Sphinx Box GPR Survey


Conducting a radar survey of the Sphinx

Conference during Sphinx Survey


Archaeologists confer during a radar survey at the Sphinx

Sphinx GPR survey


Radar survey of the Sphinx in progress

Glen Dash at Wadi Gawasis


Glen Dash kneels behind a stone anchor that marks the edge of the ancient harbor at Wadi Gawasis

Valley of the Kings GPR survey


A radar scan in the Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings GPR image


Ground penetrating radar image from the Valley of the Kings

Glen Dash Joan Dash and Zahi Hawass


Confering with Dr. Zahi Hawass in the Valley of the Kings

Glen Dash survey at Khentkawes


Glen Dash surveys Khentkawes Town during the Foundation’s 2006 survey at Giza

GPR survey at Khafre Valley Temple


Glen Dash and Benjamin Vining undertake a ground penetrating radar survey at Giza

GPR at the Giza Soccer Field


Matthew McCauley, Benjamin Vining and Glen Dash survey the Abu Hol soccer field at Giza

Glen Dash Sphinx GPR


Glen Dash operates the radar during the Foundation’s Sphinx GPR survey

Giza GPR results


Results from a ground penetrating radar study at Giza

Queens Pyramid at Giza


Two surveyors place a reflector atop a Queen’s Pyramid at Giza

Glen Dash surveying Giza


Glen Dash surveying at Giza

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